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Important: For secure protection, set-up your Brightcove player to restrict domain playback from only. We also highly recommend to disable viral distribution for the Brightcove player.
Example: 904581124001. Within the Brightcove studio under "Publishing" you can find the Player Id and Key.

Width in px: Height in px: In order for the payment layer to appear properly, a minimal width of 480px and height of 220px is required. Please note that the height of the protected embed is 66px more than the player you specify here.

Video details

Example: 847217558001. Within the Brightcove studio under "Media" you can find the Video Id.

Appears in the library of the visitor. Characters left 70

When you define your own background, please ensure you use the same dimensions as the player you defined above. (max 2MB)

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Optional field. This preview video should be available as separate video and will be fully available to watch before purchase.

Offer setup

When the video is protected this teaser is shown on top of the video. Characters left: 110

Currency is taken from your publisher settings.

Let visitors promote and earn credits. Not familiar with this? Check out this great feature.

Specify the URL of the landing page from which the video is offered. This is used for (social) sharing, email confirmations and the library of the visitor.